Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 6th months now, almost 7 and his mom recently caught us having sex now is being really strict on us?

His mom does not let us see each other a lot only 2 days a week and on Sundays 4 hours. She also does not like me anymore it is very hard on me and my bf we love each other a lot but we have been going through lots of bumps in the road I want his parents to like me again and his family his whole fam doesn't like me we have stopped doing stuff till and if we get married. His family also thinks caous follows me around. I don't know what to do please help me?


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  • You could try having a very honest conversation with his mother? I know it could be awkward, but tell her you are so sorry for disrespecting her house rules, and that even though she may not believe you, it was a one time thing, and you've both decided it's not something you will do again. Tell him you love her son, and how happy he makes you, and how you're really there for him. Tell her you know it will take time, but you'd like to regain her trust and respect. It's very frank, but, she could appreciate you approaching the situation head on. :) Good luck!

    • thank you so much, I really like that Idea I will deff try it :)

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    • thanks, I tried talking with his friends nothing seems to work I will try talking with is fambut im prob going be so scared andnrvous

    • so his mom talk him today about something he didn't tell me what, im assuming it was about me since she doesn't like me and he seemed upset but at the end of our convo on the phone I said I love you he said okay, what does that mean?


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  • Y'all need to move out (or at least one of you) if you want sex without parental consequence.

  • Yeah, I got caught by my girls mom too. It was rough for several months after, but i went to talk with her about it, and told her we were safe and that I loved her, She accepted it, and everything went back to normal. Find out what makes them dislike you. It is not because you are fucking him.

    • yeah, his parents don't like me because they think trouble follows me around everywhere, and that i'm drama but I don't know why they think that because we did not do anything wrong, or I have not done anything wrong other than having sex.

    • Having sex was not wrong, It is between your BF and you, not them. They may have an opinion on it, tho.
      Just try to be friendly around them, and keep things on the down low

    • thanks will try that

  • Be talkative with his family more... try to spend tym wid them n help them wherever possible... it will work

  • You can't get everything.

    If you want them to like you, more than you want to keep having sex, then you need to work on that. That means, only seeing him when there's people around. Things like that.

    If you want to keep having sex more than you want them to like you, then at least make damn sure you practice safe sex and don't get pregnant.

    • Thanks, yeah I want them to like me more than I want to have sex but I also feel likes it's not working out but I love him a lot he treatse like a princess so I don't want break up

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  • How old are u both?
    And they don't want you to end up pregnant even if you are using "protection " they still care about that. And when you used to go out how long would you be out for? Like all day half a day? Would you leave at night?