Are we attracted to those who are different from us?

If you see current trends or compared to the past their is a lot more interracial dating. Is it b/c we are more open in today's society or are we truly attracted more to those different from us? Im Hispanic but I find I'm more attracted to girl that are of a different ethnicity than me. Also if someone was "rare" as in a small population of that ethnicity in a certain city or country would that make them more attractive? Since they'd be considered exotic and different from all the general population?


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  • We're attracted to whoever we're attracted to. There is no rhyme or reason, there are no trends, there isn't any kind of "rare, exotic" value that makes a person suddenly more attractive with nothing changing, people aren't attracted to others to make a statement, and so on.

    Who you're attracted to is largely subconscious and not something a person decides on. People on this site always talk about how they have these very specific preferences, but this does not correlate with how people behave in real life. A person isn't defined by their hair color, body type, boob size, or whatever preferences these guys on here talk about. And this is the same for who we find attractive overall.

    You're seeing it more now either because it's just more socially acceptable (meaning, the attraction has always existed), or you're just now paying attention and you're making a focused effort to spot these things while other couples you don't even notice. That tends to skew things with your own perception.


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  • That sounds valid. But it doesn't mean they will be attracted to me at all. Its more of a fantasy crush for me more than anything else, realistically speaking. Hmm i watch too many stuff on teevee. I should stop. It influences what I'd like in a person.

  • I'm latina and I love white guys... I'ts just what I'm attracted to, the traits and characteristics. It could also be that thats what I was exposed to my whole time in college. Doesn't mean I don't appreciate other ethnicies as well.

  • I don't think so, I'm a white girl and am mostly attracted to white guys, sometimes a native guy here or there but that's it. I'm not racist or anything, just never noticed a guy of a different ethnicity as attractive before


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