I can't figure her out.

Ive been friends with this girl for a long time. Not like see each other and hang out friends, we just knew each other, text one other every so often etc. Well the other night she invited me out for her birthday. We went to a bar and had a few drinks, then went riding around for hours. We messed around, had a great time and the next day she invited me over to her house. This has been almost a week ago and up until today, no communication with her. So, I texted her and no no response.

What gives?


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What Girls Said 1

  • well she might have no gotten the text. or she might just be really busy, if you really wanted to get in contact with her, call her. it will be a pleasant surprise for her.. and make plans to hangout with her


What Guys Said 1

  • I know I'm a guy but I've been there before. She's a flake and doesn't want to hurt your feelings. But leaving you hanging like this is even worse, huh? and she doesn't have the guts to talk to you about the situation like a grown up. Move on and forget about her. Bitches come and go. no offense to your friend. But if she was actually your friend you think she'd be mature enough to talk to you about what happened. Right? If she calls back be cool man, don't even bring it up. Best thing to do is find somebody else. Women want the opposite of what you want to do or say to them. They won't admit it but its true.