How to test sexual chemistry with a guy?

I met this guy on an online dating website. We've been talking for almost two months now. He seems like a great catch. We connect on an intellectual level but I'm worried about sexual. He sometimes asks what I'm doing and I say taking a bubble bath hoping to bring about the subject but all he responds is that sound nice I haven't taken one in years... I've been dating this guy for almost two months and it seems I'm wasting my time.


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  • you will never comprehend sexual chemistry via texting... sexual chemistry is just that-chemistry. You need to go out with him more and make physical contact in some form. From my understanding, sexual chemistry is very much related to smell. If you are worried about just jumping in the sack, find other excuses to make physical contact (i. e. if you go to a movie, put the armrest up).


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  • Got to take him out for a test drive