How can I make myself fancy him more? I really liked him on the date but my thoughts are different a day after? What do I do!?

I've known this guy for 5 years just have only in the past week began talking to him and have been on a date with him. Our first date was good. There was a few short silences but to be honest I was anticipating that on a generic first date. I've then heard from a close friend of his that he thought our date was 'brilliant' and he has 'bright views for the future of us' which was a lot more forward than I anticipated. And also, I thought the date was good but I did not think it exceeded to that 'brilliant' standard. He's a nice guy, he's funny (when he's not incredibly nervous!) and he's smart but I feel like I should like him more to go on a second date which we have planned for saturday, was the date really as good as he said and I'm just being almost modest about it? On the date I remember thinking 'wow I really like this guy', but then the next day I'm having different thoughts. How can I make myself more interested romantically in him? Am I over thinking this? Should I judge my feelings towards him on my thoughts now now or how I felt on the date? thankyou


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  • You're over-thinking the situation, if you truly like him you'll know. You should judge him based upon you're impression of him during the date and not after. After the date, you have these voices that make you doubt what you are doing. Give it a chance you only live once. Most importantly be yourself. If you're wacky, then you're wacky. If you're clumsy then that's what you are. Show your true colours to him and let him know the real you. If he decides that he doesn't like the real you then screw him and find someone that's right for you. Just be yourself and enjoy the date.


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  • you are having thoughts because your being negative maybe it because you have been hurt before, but to like him more is to spend more time with him