Are you one who persists hard in wooing a girl or do you walk away at the first few signs of disinterest after asking a girl out?

I am of the latter. However I think most guys persist hard when wooing a girl from my observation, or at least from those around me. Well, I am not sure about you, but if you persist hard in wooing a girl, it just seems that you are putting presure on her to date you, then how is the love bona fide?
The love is kind of "forced" because the girl is annoyed by one's persistence so she just agree to date the guy.



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  • If there isn't a natural connection, I don't waste my time.


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  • I really hate the idea of having to struggle just to get a date. A date shouldn't even be a big deal, really... or made into one.

    Now... I'm willing to put in effort in general - meaning that I am willing to work hard to be a great guy just for me, and I think everyone should have standards.

    I shouldn't have to struggle to spend time with a woman. It shouldn't be a struggle to have a simple conversation (yet apparently the women in my area are terrible at having conversations with people they're not attracted to or who aren't currently close friends). And if a girl can't have a decent conversation, or ask me about myself on occasion, I'm not interested.

  • I ask, she says no, I move on.
    I ask, she says yes, we date.

  • I'm the latter as well. I have pretty low self-esteem, so when a girl shows disinterest then I just give up. I really do think persistence is key if there's some type of connection and you can make her laugh.