So my guyfriend took me to a scary movie and before the movie?

He took me to dinner before and we than he took me to the movies before the movies he asked me if I wanted gum. I said sure. He took a piece and I took a piece. Than when we got in the scary movie. He seemed nervous. And every there was a scary scene. I would jump or cover my eyes. And everytime I would get scared. He be staring at me. In a serious way. Awkward moments. So he took me home safely at my curfew. And before I got out the car. I was telling him thank you for tonight and he was staring into my eyes but smiling a little. But we talk face to face anytime, he stares into my eyes. And we hugged. And hedont drive off he waits for me to get in the house. He always do that. Do you think it was awkward?


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  • What are you asking young lady as awkward? your getting scared in a scary movie? Well a scary movie is supposed to scare, that's the whole idea of it lol :)

    As of him I'm sure with what you describe, he found you cute and adorable doing all that :D

    • The way he was staring at me. Idk. Maybe I was the awkward one, being scared and all.

    • Like I said I think he found all that cute & adorable :)

    • Thank you, young lady for the MH :) I wholly appreciate your kind, thoughtful & generous gesture of selecting my opinion the same :)


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  • U r thinking too much. Nothing seems awkward. He might have been confused about taking u to a horror movie. That could be the reason for him to be nervous. U guys had good time. Dont think too much.

  • I don't think it's awkward. Sounds like a fairly standard date.

  • He seemed like a gentleman, he must really like you.


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  • You say "guy friend". Meaning boyfriend of just a friend that's a guy?

    • Just a friend

    • It's quite possible that he wants to be more than friends and is nervous about asking you to take your friendship to the next level.

    • That's false. He DEFINITELY wants to be more than friends and is TERRIFIED about asking you to take the relationship to the next level. All those "awkward" moments are probably times he really wanted to put an arm around you or kiss you but couldn't muster up the courage to do it, or didn't want to do anything that would make you uncomfortable