My boyfriend is starting to call me names... how do I make him stop or is he just teasing?

So me and my bf have been together for 5&1/2 months. He never called me anything but babe/baby.

at first he told me he wanted to call me his little slut during sex because he wants us to talk dirty, which I said is fine. But now were doing it when were not even having sex.

it bothers me sometimes when he calls and says hey slut or other words... lol... How do I get him to stop?



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  • Well first I think you need to tell him to stop. Tell him it bothers you! If you have already told him you dont like and he continues to do it My guess is he's doing it to push you away, maybe he wants out of the relationship and wants you end it so he doesn't have to..


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  • Tell him. Tell him you don't like it unless it's in the bedroom. You should be able to communicate this and if he doesn't agree then he's being a dick about it.

  • Simply just tell him straight up that you don't like being called those words even if he is joking :)


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