She's flirting with me again after disappearing for almost 5 months - how should I best deal with this?

Chick that I went on a date and a few hangouts blew me off twice, first time with no counter offer and second time asking for a 2 month rain check. Almost 5 Months down the line, she's now initiating conversation with me when she sees me, always in my proximity - in fact she stopped another girl from sitting next to me by quickly taking the seat next to me before the other girl could, leaving her friends to be near, asking me for advice, asking me where I've been, what I am doing, when I'll be around, explaining where she's been, joking with me or generally being giggly around me. Problem is she's never mentioned the raincheck, and I left the ball in her court last time. How do I deal with this? I am trying to figure out if she's just attention seeking or really interested. How would I best go about determining this?

We never kissed on the date but did both admit romantic interest, and that it was a date.


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  • Forgive me if I make a mistake. So, I'm understanding that she blew you off because she wanted to exhaust all her other options before seeing you first, when she realized beggars can't be choosers, she had no choice but to fall back on your offer. I'd say that she's into you, but she's not the loyal type.

    • So do I call her out or just ignore her?

    • Continue calling her, do not come off as needy or not needy, just in between. Next time, listen to the tone of her voice and the speed of her voice.

      When you see her, observe the two above, but also make note of the openness of her feet, the dilation of her pupils, how sincere is her smile or not, how long does she pause in her conversation, the openness of her posture. If she checks her phone or watch while talking to you and it's not urgent, then she's not being super-into-you.

      Keep her, but be careful, she doesn't strike me as a keeper, just as a fun ride.


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  • She blew you off! Do you really want a girl like this?

    I say blow her off!

    • But if I start just flat out ignoring her isn't that going to be obvious that she got a reaction out of me which is just gonna fuel her ego to play more games?

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    • Okay so just fully ignore her from here on in?

  • There's not really enough information about this tbh , like how did your other dates go and so on. I can't really tell by this

    • First date was drinks, lasted till the bar closed and we both expressed mutual interest. There was no awkward silence, or bathroom trips or anything. We were pretty much joking or chatting the whole time. We hungout a week later for about 8 hours (was only going to be for coffee - but then it turned into sightseeing and getting dinner together) all in all, she seemed to be having a good time, again joking around etc.

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    • Tbh I think you should just ask her , do you like me or do you want to go out again. That's the only way you are going to no. I don't think she is attention seeking. There could be 3 things. 1. She wants to be friends 2. She likes you but not sure if you like her. 3. Just playing hard to get.

    • 5 months is a hell of a long time to play hard to get isn't it?

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  • I'd say she is attention seeking, I'd politely tell her to go and bother someone else. She blew you out, now it's your turn to blow her out. She had her chance with you and she frittered it away. You weren't good enough for her then, so why should you be good enough for her now. Focus on other girls.