Is it easy for a guy to fall for his girl best friend?

What do you think? Is it easy for a guy to fall in love with his girl best friend? How will he act if it happens? Anyone have experience from this?


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  • YES!!! especially if she is attractive

    The question isn't how will he act, the question is, DO U WANT HIM TO MAKE A MOVE? if yes, pt yourself in a position where he will make a move, if not, be a real friend and give him a chance to move on

    • How could i put my self in a position to let him make a move? Im in love with him, but he doesn't know. We call each other "best friend"
      And introduce each other as such, but I don't know how to get out of that. We cuddle every night and play fight a lot but whats the best way to put myself in a position that he can make a move without me risking too much chance of rejection?

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    • ok, thank you so much!

    • No problem. N e time


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  • It's random. Can be good or bad, but you're not going to have a real answer because it's just like saying: "how will the next person I date act, anyone have experience?", same thing.

    Why? Too broad. Also, one unique experience cannot be identical to another, so it doesn't guarantee you a good experience. I'd just use my judgment on my own situation if I were you.

  • Girl best friend as in a best friend that is a girl or his girl best friend as in his girlfriends best friend? I'm going to assume the former. A lot of guys tend to become friends with girls first before dating them. This is how a lot of guys get friend zoned. A lot of girls will not date a guy that is their friend because they don't want to ruin the friendship or some excuse... but guys tend to become friends with girls and the main reason is so that if he gets along with her enough to the point where she becomes his best friend then she is girlfriend material and he would want to date her. This ends up backfiring on the guy most of the time because girls like to make sure they don't ruin that friendship by dating the guy.


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  • hey that happened to me, we were od close and then we started dating :) if you want to know more pm but yes it does happen and the easiness is debatable on each situation