Gonna take down the player... any advice?

There's this guy that I really like, he's super sweet, very outgoing and super friendly. But everyone I know is also in love with him, we hung out a couple days ago and it was great because he told me that i had surprised him with our conversations, that I could talk about in depth things like politics, religion etc and not just the everyday stuff. He took me to get ice cream out of blue and everything after we hung out and watched a movie. We talked non-stop for about four hours or so. He's really cute, tall with dark brown hair and brown eyes and just such a great positive energy... and I'm, kind of short, a little pudgy with brown hair and glasses. I'm not usually the type of girl to hang out with him if you know what I mean. How can i make it so I at least get a chance? He wants to hang out again which surprised me, but he also "warned" me and told me that he didn't want me to get hurt. He's one of my friends also though but.. any advice?

Thanks for the advice, maybe it would be best to just enjoy the company but not push, I don't want to lose the friendship either, for sure. Thanks everyone.


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  • If he's giving you the heads up and warning you about getting hurt, he's not planning on anything serious. If you try to go for it, you'll miss, crash, and get bruised up pretty bad. He's probably a guy out there for having fun, no attachments, just trying to have a good time. Guys like that can be real kind, awesome to hang out, and considerate. Which can be a real heart trapper, just don't let it happen.

    Enjoy the friendship, enjoy the fun, don't hope for anything more. If it happens, it'll happen on it's OWN, nothing you instigate. There's billions out there, dove, don't settle for the first fish to cross your line of sight.


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  • He's a player, he gets enough attention as it is. Go find chemistry with a man who will focus on YOU.

  • You're doomed

    • you're going to get hurt if you continue this line of thinking. Enjoy his company if you want but you're not going to take him down so get that out of your head. ""warned" me and told me that he didn't want me to get hurt" - listen to the man. He's giving you a heads up about what will happen if you expect too much out of this. He sounds like a nice guy. Most of them won't give you a warning like that.

    • It also means if you get hurt you're the only one to blame.

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  • This sounds exactly like the guy who just broke my heart. We had deep talks about religion and politics. Both love hockey and could have fun together. Fits your exact description to the point where I'm wondering if you live in Virginia too and know the guy that I know lol. Anyways, don't do it. He might make you feel like you're different or special or that you guys have a different kind of connection. But don't fall for it. Cause he may seem genuine. But he likely does not want to settle down. He'll probably string you along while warning you so that he can honestly say it was you who chose to pursue it. You'd likely just be a convenience thing that he keeps going until you finally decide you can't deal with him stringing you along anymore. Fast forward two years and you end up heart broken realizing the special connection you thought you had was obsolete.