Is it possible to get the girl back who lost interest after two beautiful evenings?

I met this girl at a bar after the match of Brazil and Germany (Tuesday). In 10 mins we were kissing and had really nice time together. Then she asked me to walk her back home.

Then we meet the following Friday evening and I am sure she had a really good time with me because she always tried to the prolong the date.. We kissed many times and then I walked her home again...

After few days she messaged me that she doesn't want to see me again because she felt smothered.. Is it really possible that I can get her back because she was really nice and I was really lost in her kiss, never felt a kiss like this in a long time.. I felt good connection.. but may be I came too strong on her and this made her uncomfortable..


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  • As a rule of thumb, once a woman is done with you or has lost interest it-is-over. No comin' back my friend. Men and women are different in this way. A guy might decide he's over things and then change his mind. For a female over is just that, over. I'm not talking about couples that break up and get back together a dozen times over a year or two. That's different.

    At this point your only hope is to cut off all contact. Never call, text, or social media message her again. On the off chance she has a change of heart (almost unheard of in this instance) you won't have proved her point of smothering her with any attempts of contact and she might re-spark things. Just forget her and move on brotha. Only mistake you made was not sealing the deal when you had the chance. She got what she needed and she is done. Don't waste your time trying to figure out what you could of done differently. That's a guy thing to do. We like to use logic to try and figure women out. But you can't, women are counter intuitive.

    So next time a girl puts things into hyper-drive, it should be all hands on deck, full power to the engines cause we're gettin' lucky tonight. That way if she calls it quits all of a sudden, you know you did everything right.

    • Also when she wrote me a poem... " Love is like a little bird sitting on your hand and all you have to do is to give this bird a ground to land and space to fly "


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  • I don't want to hurt your feelings, but it is almost impossible.

  • She's got a bf? 10 mins? Wow that's moving too fast.

    • No I don't know.. If she did.. she would have never asked me to walk her back home twice.. and she also wrote me a poem " Love is like a little bird sitting on your hand and all you have to do is give this bird a ground to land and space to fly "

    • She's definitely hiding something there

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  • It really sounds like someone else came into her life or she already had someone. The whole "smothering" thing makes no sense. I do find it odd after so many kisses you didn't make it further along. The key to a woman's pants are kisses. I don't mean kiss=lay. I mean if she is into the kissing and hours go by and your still kissing I can't see how she didn't drag you in her house and rip off your clothes. I guess a very young woman could do that but women with a fair amount of sexual experience do not waste opportunities like that unless there was someone else all along.

    • I don't agree.. If she wanted sex we could have had it the first night itself, because after kissing her the first time, I asked her where she lived and she said she was not going to take her to house because she hardly knew me... Then as the night went along.. she herself asked her to bring her back home and I did.. When we were standing outside her appartment, I kissed her passionately and asked her if I could come in for a coffee but she said the same thing.. So then I told her I would not come in unless you know me as a person !!

  • Sounds like you do not have a chance to Much to soon with being needy an smoothering