Should I ask him out? Does he like me?

I have this ex-colleague at school (cuz I'm not going to work there anymore) and classmate hat I like. We have a rapport but I won't say friendship. He is nice and friendly with me, even helpful if he can but other people are intimidated by him because he can be blunt. His bluntness makes it so he'll question the reason behind my actions to him (my texts specially). He's just very direct like that, asking me what made me text him, etc. From our class I understand that he's not very good at communicating and so he prefers to ask questions to be clear. Now I'm wondering if it'd be a good idea to ask him if he has a gf or just ask him out and hear his reply? I don't know if he likes me or not but I believe the only way to know is by asking him out. I know he'd prefer that b/c he got mad when another girl who likes him went through another friend/colleague of mine to ask...


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  • Hey relax and just ask him hell your leaving that job anyways so rather you do what your going to do now instead of wondering about it later in life. Be strait up with him and ask him out.

  • Yeah just ask him I love when girls ask me out


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