Does he likes me or just using me?

what should i do if a guy i just met via fb, and we have been meeting together 3 times, and he wants more from me. Like sexual things, he says im very atractive when i wear a short skirt. but i dont know if he is just using me or bored..


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  • He's using you for sex, and is not a true person. If he was real he would understand that sex isn't everything, and he would pay more attention to your feelings, and what your wants are not just his own, but again you should really ask him yourself what he really wants, and he does care at all about you, and your wants, happiness, feelings, and don't be shy with him or else he's more then likely going to continue to behave this way, and if you don't like it, and let him go on things are not going to turn out very good in the long run. So go with your instincts to, not your hear or just doing it for him because your life, wants, needs, and happiness are just as important.

    • he actually does care about me, we haven't had sex yet, like he said to me it felt like a date when we met each other for the first time. he tried to like do some sexual stuff and he could feel that i didn't feel well at that point. and we start talking like normal.

      he is just a very jealous person when it comes to others guys. when the 2rd meeting, he got so mad at me that i was talking to another guy over the phone that i haven't even met yet. there was nothing between the guy i talk to on the phone, he was just a friend that i used to talk to about my problems.. (sorry for my bad English grammar)


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  • Spend more time with him and befriend his friends.


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  • only 3 meetings? and sex already? he is using you for sure

    • no we haven't had sex yet

  • Guys like him just try and use girls. What ever you do don't meet up with him!

    • oh.. but i can't help with it ): yesterday he just pick me up from my trip to hamburg.. and i kinda like him