Girls: If you randomly hook up with a guy and he has, uh... performance issues, would you not see him again?

I had a buddy of mine that was in town a few weeks ago. He hooked up with the roommate of a girl I know. They went home together and went to get down to business and he had whiskey dick so he couldn't really get going. He tried to ask her out a few times since they were in the same spot again last week (both from the same state) and she kept coming up with excuses. Now, it could be she just isn't into him and went home with him because she was drunk. But it raised the question, would the fact he couldn't perform have anything to do with it, or do you think she just isn't into him?


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  • Since it was a random hookup I think she is most likely avoiding him. He isn't her boyfriend so she doesn't have to be understanding and caring. Thats the price he pays for random hook ups. If he wants a girl to stick around for a potetially unsatisfying round 2, he probable should get a gf.

    He doesn't need his penis to get her off. He has a tongue and fingers and if he did not use them when his penis was out of order, then he doesn't deserve another go at it with her! I assure you if he had employed his tongue and fingers to get her off he might have a chance at round two.

    I hope guys are paying attention!!! Keep a girl cuming and she'll come back for more!

    • Haha!! I would certainly hope he did!! I didn't really ask him in that much detail though. I didn't ask him, but I'm assuming maybe he wanted a shot at redemption? I don't know. If I were him I would have just taken it for what it was, but then again I wasn't there so I have no idea what was said. I know it's only happened to me once before and you better believe I stayed down there until the job was done!!! I agree with you completely. Get her off and you might get seconds!!


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  • Honestly if a guy didn't perform.. I definitely wouldn't go back for a round two!

    • Interesting... I can understand it though. I think if a girl was awful I'd probably not be too inclined to go back for more unless I really liked her and thought it might get better.

  • if I really liked him I would keep seeing him, things would hopefully improve:)

  • Is your "buddy" you.

    • No if it was me, I'd say it was me and do it anonymously!! I think he just had performance anxiety. He is going through a divorce going on almost a year and a half and hasn't gotten any in a while. Plus I told him you always have a backup plan in case that happens!! It's called a little blue pill!

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