AMR: How can I get her to spend more time with me?

My neighbor is beautiful. She's always complimenting me and since Im a leo she's really reeling me in. She's always rubbing my chest, shoulders And kissing me. We get along great! Only problem: She's married. We like to dance with eachother. But oneday, we were at her house and she asked me if I wanted to dance with her and I said no beacuase her husmand was sitting 3 feet away from me. You dont just dance with a mans wife without his consent. She hasn't talked to me since. Its been 4 days. Can you help me out?


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  • Just make sure her husband isn't home then go over there kinda like what plato said. This is kinda a hard situation seeing as she is married. or just next time you see her out side go up to her and say hi and make conversation. Just be careful of the husband don't want to make him mad!


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  • usually in these situations , the women or men do those things because they are bored in there current marriage/relationship.
    im sorry to inform you but maybe she was just using you so she had some fun in her life?
    once you rejected her move , she felt embarrassed for pursueing things in the first place while married and stopped doing it.
    I think it doesn't hurt to tell her how you feel , you deserve closure.. but if she's married , I dont think she's willing to leave him and the marriage for a fling and too protect your heart I think you need to stop trying with her.


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  • Check to see if her husband's car is parked or not, if you're 100% sure he's gone, knock on her door and hold just 1 red rose with an open card saying "YES I'LL DANCE!".

    If she rejects you, then it means her intention was to use you as a stepping stone to getting her husband jealous, so that would make her bad for you.

    Good luck!