Do you think you should tell you friend with benefits if you're seeing someone else?

Considering that you two are not official, do you still think it would be polite to at least let them know you're seeing someone else or pursing someone you're interested in. Or would you just wait to let them know you're in a relationship when things are official with the other person?


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  • Yes you should. If you are serious about trying to be with this new guy then you should tell your friend with benefits that you are serious about this guy and want to end the benefits part of your friendship. Now if you're not serious and still want to keep the benefits part of of your friendship with your friend with benefits then you still need to talk to him about it as he might not want be ok with being the "guy on the side" When you are officially dating someone else. I'll share a personal true story with you. When I was a teen I had a FWB. We were good friends and while we didn't have romantic feelings for each other we did have a great sex life together and decided to be FWB. But that all ended one day when I came down to visit her at her place and I saw one of my buddies was there already with her. I was surprised to see him there as I didn't know they knew each other. Turns out he asked her out and they were dating for about a week but she had came over to my place 3 days ago and we fucked. She didn't tell me she was seeing my buddy and needless to say I was very upset with her for not telling me she was with someone else and hurt that I slept with my buddies girl. Long story short It didn't end well and I lost a both my buddy and my FWB.


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  • It would be polite to tell your friend with benefits that you're interested in someone else and that it might become official, don't wait til the last minute to say something even if it's just sex at least it won't be a surprise, it'll be easier if you decide to stop and just stay with one.

  • Seeing: it's courteous
    Banging someone else: fuck yes! AIDS!


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