How do you politely tell a guy to shave his unibrowl?

So I went on a date with this guy I've been talking to for a good month and a half. He really wasn't that bad except for his unibrowl. I only went on one date with this guy so far, how do I nicely tell him he needs to shave the thing without pissing him off?


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  • I like how you call it "browl" instead of "brow" lol


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  • Don't tell him to shave it, have him wax it instead. I have one and I waxed it for a while so it doesn't grow in as thick or fast. Now I just tweeze it everyday or every other day. If you shave it you could make them lopsided easier and it will keep coming back just as strong. Plus he'll still have a stubbly look to it. Waxing and tweezing just work better.

    Just be direct and tell him politely you'd like him to get rid of it. Honestly I'd rather people told me upfront about something like that instead of pretending it didn't matter. There's no reason he should be offended by something like that.

  • Don't bull shit just tell him he has a unibrow and that you can't deal with it. :)

  • offer him a gift card which involves threading


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