He had really awesome ex girlfriends and now I'm afraid to date him?

I know this guy, and I think we're interested in each other... but I don't want to make a move. All of his ex girlfriends were gorgeous and exciting... I'm plain and boring. I feel like it'll be doomed from the start.

Have you ever been in a similar situation?


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  • Have confidence in yourself... everyone has something special about themselves, no matter who you are we all have unique life experiences that shape us. If you think you're plain and boring then I think you need to do some reflection on who you are and what makes you a cool person before entering into a relationship.

    Maybe you offhandedly said that, but let me explain... I had self-confidence issues when I was younger. It was bad. I entered into a relationship and that was what gave me self-confidence... being told sweet things and feeling accepted by someone. When the relationship was over I lost my identity... you know what I mean? I felt like I had nothing and it hurt worse than it should have because I never had any confidence in myself to begin with.

    I think you should definitely pursue this person, if you think he's interested in you then that says a lot. But please be aware of what I'm saying... I think you need to love yourself before getting involved with other people.

    • I do love myself... to a degree. I don't mind being boring alone. I don't have to talk to myself. lol. But being with someone else... eh... its kind of an issue if I have nothing to say.


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  • Well, he's interested in you for a reason. That must mean something if he's not into his exes. That's all the more reason to be confident about yourself.

    • I'm on the quiet side though. I think he's expecting some great awesome mystery... and he'll just get me. lol.

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    • ehh. i was leaning more towards Nietzsche

    • I love Nietzsche, I actually put a quote on him in my 2nd Question!

  • are you serious? what kind of self esteem is this?

    sis that chick is his EX for a reason. dont let that slow you down at all. who said you can't be a better s/o? at the same time stop looking so much at the past and focus on the present moment.

    • I've known too many dudes who ya know.. 'return' to their past for a night or two.

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    • if i start kissing his butt in public I'm pretty sure someone would call the police for indecent exposure

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  • I have a guy friend and he said the hottest chicks he dated always had the smelliest pussies so maybe that's what happened to this guy and maybe he just wants a normal woman with a normal smelling vagina?

  • honey, ex is an ex because it is an ex-ample of not what to do in the future if you's both like each other you's will be fine. he is clearly getting tired of dating girls who are pretty and shallow and just because you see them as awesome doesn't mean he sees them as that. his exes shouldn't be holding you back from a relationship that is beneficial for both you and him