Do guys not like to be asked out?

So I am interested in this guy I just met a few weeks ago. I have the issue of trying to talk to a guy to get to know him then get friend zoned. I want to be bold n just semi ask him out but not sure how to. Would he be turned off by me asking him?


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  • As someone who has asked out guys and with many guy friends, they actually find it refreshing. Most enjoy the fact that the girl was confident and didn't do the whole game playing gender role bs.

    • Honestly your right it's harder for a guy to just go up to some random beautiful girl and say hi I think your very gorgeous and was won ding if I could have a moment of your time. If a girl walked up and said your cute here's my number well that's just sums it up with a smile.

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    • I asked him to hang out n he said sure. But we never did. Pretty sure he's talking to some whores... lol

    • That's what happened to me the first time I asked a guy out too haha.


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  • I'd love to be asked out.

  • Suggest the idea in a joking manner to see his reaction.

  • yes
    because for a guy he would feel like a pussy
    you know always a man should take the decision and go for it


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