Am I dumb for this or am I normal?

I love my girlfriend and she makes me feel amazing and like every couple we've had are problems and lately I've been hanging out with more people and there's one girl in particular that I like a lot and she also makes me feel amazing and I'm not sure if she likes me but I've kissed her and I feel horrible first should I leave my girlfriend and how can I tell her I kissed the girl because I feel terrible


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  • If you truly feel bad for it and want to make it work then you should tell her while you guys are drunk so the drama will be less intense. Apologize the shit out of her, and make a vow to yourself that you'll never do it again, and stop hanging out with that girl, and might as well stop hanging out with girls in general unless they're butch lesbians because your girlfriend will probably not trust you for like 2 years max, and every time you fight she'll use that you cheated on her against you. But if you're okay with that then make it work.

    ^^^^If you dont like how that sounds, break up with her. And make sure that she knows its not because you want to be with this other girl, its because you think she deserves someone that won't cheat on her and that you feel horribly about doing something so inconsiderate.


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  • You cheated, so yeah you should leave her. If you really were meant to be with her, you wouldn't need to be kissing other girls, she should be enough for you. Instead of controlling yourself and thinking about how kissing another girl might affect your girlfriend, you were thinking about yourself and what YOU wanted. That's selfish and she deserves better.

  • The moment you cheat on your girlfriend it's a sign that you should move on. If you stay with this girl you will only hurt her more and more. You should have thought about your girlfriend when you were kissing other girls.


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