Is it normal for a couple who got back together to get in a lot of fights?

We broke up a year ago and now we got back together after me convincing her. Now that we're back together I think we both expected to pick up where we left off. But its not exactly what we both wanted. I'm used to trying to stay up with her all night and her getting upset because I promised her. Now I can stay up all night but she's exhausted from work and school and wants to clock in at 11. I yelled at her for that which I know I shouldn't have but I tried to grow used to staying up in case we did get back together because I wanted to impress her. Then there's her change of eating habits as well I brought home Chinese food and cake because it was her favorite the first time around. She kind of gave me a look but did eat it. Then I noticed she wasn't eating a lot as she used to and looked sick. Turns out she eats healthier now and gave up junk when we broke up and eating greasy food hurts her stomach. Again which made me feel horrible and kind of upset. She's much calmer and more sane. Like she doesn't call me every second of the day or doesn't pick fights as much anymore. Instead I feel like I'm the one getting more mad than usual. There's definitely a lot of trust issues still that we have to fix. The schedules of our works changed so when I came home late one day she flipped out and was crying (understandable because I did cheat on her). When I woke up she wasn't there and I got upset because I couldn't get a hold of her. there's small fights and us having to grow accustomed to changes. Is this normal or are we doomed for failure?


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  • I think you guys are just getting adjusted. You need to openly talk about your problems and sort them out. Also, it looks like you guys have a lot of trust to build up again - especially in her case, you need to show her that you are trustworthy and you won't cheat again. Best of luck :-)


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  • i often do it... damn!

  • I think that if you are trying to re-start your old relationship, you're doing it wrong - remember that, that relationship ended.

    You need to think about taking some time to think about why it didn't work in the first place, and address those, both individually and together.

    Once you let those things go, hopefully you will have a renewed relationship, which meets your needs and hers.

    Good luck


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