Why do all men get so jealous about other men?

I have been on 3 dates this past 2 weeks and I have noticed every single one of them men get so jealous about other men like even if I look at another man ( well I just looked around not actually at another man ) they comment who you looking at , stop checking other men out. Can you not talk to other men while we are out. Even to the point where they cause an argument / fight because another man looks over. And consistent text. My ex was a very jealous man where I wasn't allowed out. I wasn't allowed to find a celebrity good looking. I wasn't even allowed to say hello to a man I new. A cussing me of cheating 24-7 . Things got so bad he would threaten me with suscide and actually did it about ten times. I just want to no why men seem to be so jealous over everything these days? I never get bothered if a man looks at another woman or talks to another woman. Specially when I don't even no the man hardly. So why are men like this these day?


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  • your dating the wrong men... they are prolly insecure or they have been screwed over before and think it will happen again...


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  • small dick syndrome

  • Dont go out with that type of men, they are actually insecure about themselves although they dont look like that.
    In a real relationship the men shouldn't be jealous because he knows you love him and the other way.


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