What do you think about telling someone you love them for the first time... During sex?

My best guy friend In whom I've become intate with and have the best and most passionate sex ever.. I falling in love with him big time. We are going to be the beach together soon , and I was thinking while we are there I might just say it during sex to just kinda get it out there. Lol. He's a pretty deep when it comes to the things I say to him during sex... I just want to put it out there. He knows I have feelings for him , and he does for me too. But we want to stay friends , it's obvious it's turning into something waaayyyyy more than we anticipated.


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  • Personally, I wouldn't say it for the first time during sex, if someone said it to me I probably would just think they got caught up in the moment and didn't really mean it.


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  • I wouldn't recommend saying it during sex. That can be misconstrued for saying something not totally meant as you are lost in the pleasure of the moment.
    A better time would be as you are close, but no sex involved, before you go on your trip. It should be said without a moment of intimate pleasure. After that, you can say it all you want, especially before during and after sex.

  • During sex? nah. Right after would be better.

    And do you mean he's like a deep thinker about the things you say during sex? what do you say? quantum physics theories? Sociopolitical debates? wtf

    • Lol. Umm I tell him how good he feels, and he seems to get really Into deep shit.. I'll tell him I love it when he looks me in the eye , and it's like he cums right after I say it lol. It's a complicated thing though we are high extremely close , and best friends... Weird situation I guess

  • Nothing said right before or during sex should be taken serious; wait until he finishes.


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  • Don't say it during sex, that's probably the worst thing you can do because it can be interpreted in so many different ways. Maybe say it to him afterwards or at another moment.

  • Btch, PLEASE. He wil confess HIS love for ME or we we will BOTH be in the dark during this lifetime... I wish I WOULD tell some dude I loved him... lmmfao...

    • Yeah I know what you mean. It's like I just want him to know lol he's my best friend I mean I'm 100 percent he feels the same way but Shit I don't know lol.