Should I date when I know I will be leaving town?

I am currently looking to leave the city I live in within the next two months, however there is a guy that I recently met and really like (we have actually been on a couple of dates). Is there any point in pursuing anything further? Or would that be leading him on?


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  • I'm not judging you but I find this to be absurd... of course you should continue
    if you enjoy each others company never deprive yourself of one moment of happiness... things can always change you are creating images for your memory vault... little clips that you can play over in your mind; something to reflect on.
    and who knows what could happen in the meantime...


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  • There's no point really. Unless you think you can keep up a long-distance relationship or if you're coming back at some point next year (and staying for good), it's best to keep your emotions to yourself and not cause both of you a heartbreak.

  • Nooo, i moved a few months ago and it was horrible. People say if it's true it will last forever, well that's not true. It doesn't last forever


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