How can I meet nice guys? I'm tired of meeting the wrong ones?

I think that I'm a beautiful, smart and funny person. I always feel attracted to handsome men, instantly. But the thing is that almost every guy that looks like that is a child. At least every single one I met until today. They are not on my intelectual level, they don't want the same thing as I want, which is a serious and healthy relationship. How can I change this? I'm tired of only be attracted to the same types of guys. I am not being able to make myself feel attracted to the right men.


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  • You need to figure urself out first. You also have to remember that they turn into soft guys for you, cause they actually care. Which is something you have yet to evolve to understand. Some people will want the same things as you, some wont. Some will be 10% to what you want, other will be 90%. But there will never been a 100% pure answer. You have to give a little to take, and so do they, which I don't thing you understand just yet, by the way you are complaining in your question.

    Saying your attracted to "this type of guy" and then a month later your not, clearly shows that you don't find yourself attractive, or else you would always find them attractive, especially since you have agreed to his courtship, aka going out on dates with him. There is something inside of you, that you need to figure out.

    • What happened to me in the past was that I saw one person that really attracted me for his looks. I start talking to that person, we begin to meet each other and I realise that on the inside that guy doesn't fascinate me and I start losing interest. Looks aren't everything, I know that. But when I'm at some place, my attention is only caught by this type of men. I see your point.

    • You don't, cause if you knew what you were looking for, you wouldn't have decided to "keep it going". And rushing things forward. You have things inside of you, that you need to figure out. You actually sound like you battered from a relationship in your past, and you can't wait to have someone next to you whos all "handsome" and stuff, and does have things in common with you, but you think its wrong cause of your past. You need to figure things out. Are you a Capricorn by chance? LOL

    • Anyways, seems to me that you have other things that are blinding you within. I wouldn't be surprised if you actually did let go of that perfect catch, and are now trying to fathom things together to keep you sane. The best sane is acknowledging reality on your own part. Only then will you be able to heal.


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  • well just keep trying. that's honestly all I can say. I can't tell you there is a certain hot spot to find exactly what you're looking for. you just have to remain hopeful and keep on swimming.

  • For men aged 18-24 they're probably not looking for a long term relationship just yet and are still testing the waters. Understand that women tend to be younger of the two in a relationship due to maturity and fertile years available. I would suggest you try to date men who are a bit older and little more established.

  • When life gives you lemons!, you make orange juice! Thats how life works :D


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