Does anyone have any funny or interesting stories about crushes or dating?

Has anything funny or interesting ever happened with someone else crushing on you, or you crushing on someone else?

Have you ever been incredibly stupid when it came to realising that someone liked you? I have, here's what happened when I was in year 11 at school:
At the beginning of every recess, I would go to my locker to put my textbooks in it. As I would walk up to my locker, I would always hear the same little male voice say "hi". I barely noticed it in the crowd of people that would always be around, and always assumed the "hi" was meant for other people. This went on throughout year 11 and at the beginning of year 12, on my first day back at school, this guy jumped in front of me, flailing his arms, and exclaimed, "Hello!" I was taken aback for a minute and thought I recognised the voice... Then I realised that for the whole of the previous year, I had unintentionally been ignoring a guy saying "hi" to me! I went home and wondered at the fact that he was still interested in me after so long of what must have seemed like me ignoring him! BTW, I apologised to him and said that I was so busy focussing on school that I wasn't looking to date. Which was true. I have only recently become interested in dating.

I forgot to mention that he asked me out, obviously...


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  • 8 years ago, my best friend was texting me asking me what I liked about my crush. I replied that I liked her calves and unfortunately the irony is that the calves means she's fitter than me because she's a runner.

    Unfortunately I sent the sms to the wrong person and it ended up being sent to my crush!

    I sent another sms telling her not to read the previous one and delete it immediately. She replied back "Okays :)". That was my first ever "confession" to any girl, and to this date I'm still hesitant to talk to her during class reunions.

    • Oh no! Aww

    • haha. it was the scariest shit ever, but I've moved on from her. Now I just wish I can talk to her like a normal human being haha.

    • Haha oh well, that's life


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  • There was this one time in year 11 there was this girl I was interested in and I said hi to her while she was at her locker. I was too nervous to say it to her face so I said hi as I walked by. I did this all throughout year 11 and on the first day back of year 12, I flailed my arms in front of her and exclaimed "Hello!" She took a step back and realized it was me the whole time saying hi to her. She then apologized to me and said she wasn't looking for a relationship because she was too busy with school.

  • How about this. When i thought a cutie was looken at meh and chking meh out, i feel happy and excited but infact, he was chking out the guy behind meh -_-

    • Awww :(
      I'm sure you mean "she"

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    • I'm sure they're looking at you if you think they are. I mean you can feel when someone's eyes are on you, right?

    • Haha u'll never know. The teasing could be ur worse nightmare =P

  • I met a girl in my history class in the parking lot and started to talk to her. I invited over to a party and she had a good time and we made out a bit. I called her house a few times and the phone would hang up each time I said hello. I thought it was her and had no idea her sister was hanging up on me. Well the next weekend I ended up talking to her sister and she said I was wasting my time with her sister because she didn't like me. Well I had sex for the first time and did it with the sister that was hanging up on me. A week later I found out I got the clap. She moved to Florida and her sister never talked to me again. Ha then ha ha? That's my "funny" story. I have more and none include any std's :P

    • Oh that is so evil!! Sorry about that...
      Thanks for the story. Feel free to share more

    • I could go on for about a year but here is another. My best friend in college said to me that his gf hates me and there was no way I could ever get her into bed. Well ok yeah I am the competitive type (and a stupid ass) so I used all my good charm on her. Well needless to say I had sex with her, she feel in love with me and I dumped her and she stalked the hell out of me. Well 20 years (lol I know the age thing just be quiet and listen) passes and I leave my fiancés store to take a walk on main street to see the other stores. Well I walked into a book store and there was a fat girl sitting behind the register. I said this is a really cool store. She thanked me and we chit chatted for a bit and I left. Well I went on FB a few days later and guess who added me on FB. The fat girl behind the counter was the chick that I well you know. I accepted her request but ignored and never read any messages from her.

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  • I have a ton of funny stories, but ill tell one with a dude I liked recently. He sat next to me in my history class, and my best friend sat in front of us. I was talking to her and he was texting with his phone out on his desk. Anyway, he randomly told my friend to stop touching his phone when she was nowhere near it. I was going to ask him what he was doing when he randomly turned to me and went "you though... you can touch my phone allll you want. As much as you want. See?" and proceeded to place it on my arm. I handed it back to him, and he changed to this moan-like voice and was all "Aw yeah, just like that."

    • Hahaha sounds like you turn him on

  • i went to a private high school with ugly guys and who didn't date. and i didn't talk to anyone, i ditched classes to sleep it my truck. i cannot relate to that story. hahah yeah, I'm a badass ^.^ but i do take college seriously

    • Aw haha
      I'm glad you take college seriously

  • Not a story but the most ironic thing is when your crush asks you, "Who do you like?" And then you don't know what to say. I just end up saying no one. In my head I'm like, "I like YOU, you idiot."

    • If my crush ever asks me that, I hope I'm brave enough to tell him the truth..

    • Haha I did think of telling him. But sometimes it's best not to.

    • You're right, the moment has to be right

  • Aw did you say yes to him. I have a major crush on this guy that works at my job. And one day out of nowhere he asked me hey what's your name we always talk but never got your name sorry we really don't we would just wave at each other or casually say hi. I was so shocked I stuttered a little lol. And I forgot to ask what his name was. Now when he sees me he says hi by using my name lol.

    • I said no thank you, because I really was working hard towards getting a good score to get into the uni degree of my choice. Plus another boy already had my heart, although he didn't/doesn't know it.

      Aww... The next time he says hi, you should try to keep the conversation going a bit and ask what his name is :) Good luck with him, I hope you get to go out with him!

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    • Cool :) It's a good song.

      Don't make your feelings known yet! It will seem too much, too soon - you might overwhelm him.

      Just be friendly and start chatting with him. After a while, you can ask him to grab a coffee with you (kind of as a casual date, but don't call it that unless he asks if it's a date or not).

    • Oh okay I see I don't want to scare him away lol