Why do girls give out numbers but then never commit to any meeting up?

When a guy and girl are talking for a while, even for a few days, then the guy asks for her number but when the time comes to hang out there is some excuse.

I see this happen a lot. Happens to me and some of my friends. I'm guessing it's because they just want to be polite so they give the guy their number but they don't actually have any interest.

What is your opinion on this? Girls, have u ever done this?


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  • Usually girls do it so someone's attention is on them, but not committed enough to actually go and hang out. I was an awful girl once and only texted someone because I liked his attention, but I would never want to hang out. That was a few years ago though.

  • Lol I do that sometimes


What Guys Said 2

  • I can assure you... any girl will know for a fact that when a new guy asks for a number, he wants to date her... the girls that have flaked on you just don't fancy you.

  • It's easier to give out and flake than to reject someone to face.

    Remember how girls are taught to be "nice" and "peace-making"?
    She would rather put you down lightly by not responding- you should take the hint.