Reaction of a girl who lost interest in me after I smothered her with texts?

It has been almost one week since I haven't texted her now since she told me, she never wanted to see me again.

How will she react when I send her a text saying " I am thinking of you... " ?


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  • 1. Her reaction depends on the reason why you lost her
    2. If she's gone away cause you were so excited that you smothered her with texts thus suffocating her then she's going to get creeped out & shudder when she sees another text from you to an extent that she may file a complaint :)


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  • "give this bird ground to land and space to fly"

    Was that in allusion to your number of messages?
    I think it's kinda difficult to leave the status of stalker after being labelled as such... You're not kids anymore either; when you say as an adult you don't wanna see someone ever again, it's serious. One week doesn't change anything. Sorry.

  • Not a good idea, if she wants to start talking to you again she'll make a move, otherwise just move on.

    • She had a really nice time with me on the second date.. She tried to prolong the date as long as she could.. She also wrote me a poem " Love is like a little bird sitting on your hand, all you need to do is to give this bird ground to land and space to fly " .

    • Wow that's some sentimental stuff, what did you do?

    • I met this girl at a bar after the match of Brazil and Germany (Tuesday). In 10 mins we were kissing and had really nice time together. Then she asked me to walk her back home.

      Then we meet the following Friday evening and I am sure she had a really good time with me because she always tried to the prolong the date.. We kissed many times and then I walked her home again...

      After few days she messaged me that she doesn't want to see me again because she felt smothered.. Is it really possible that I can get her back because she was really nice and I was really lost in her kiss, never felt a kiss like this in a long time.. I felt good connection.. but may be I came too strong on her and this made her uncomfortable..

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  • She may think you are creepy... In fact she may even see you as obsessive, which is not the best light to be seeing in. I suggest you leave her be and find someone who prefers being bombarded by texts. Good luck with that...

  • she maybe just hate you... have you done something wrong?