Why won't my bf upload pics of us?

He said it was because he was afraid of being critized with his friends. But im a pretty girl, and the friends he does upload which are girls look similar to me. So I don't understand what the real problem is.

We have been dating for a month, but we have known each other for 3 months. I know its not long, but its not like im asking him to upload a pic of us saying im his gf or tat were in a relationship. It just a simple pic.

He has uploaded pics but then he delets it after two days.. and yest he sent me a picture saying he had uploaded it but infact he had photoshopped it to make me believe he did. I was shocked and upset, all he did was apologize n give more excuses.



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  • The fact that he would go so far as to photoshop a pic shows that he really doesn't want to be seen with you... I'm pretty sure you've recognized the fact that your being hidden also most guys don't give a damn what there friends think about their girl.

    I'm gonna give you my perspective on this. The only reason I would act like he did and hide you from my social media is because you are the side chick and I wouldn't want the other girl Im fooling around with to know about you.

    Now I could be completely wrong but your here because you know something is up (women's intuition) you are not satisfied with the answer he gave you.


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  • how had he photoshopped the picture like what did he photo shop?

    I think his excuse my be legit some guys feel a little weird posting pictures of a gf online. they don't necessarily sort of like publicly announcing relationships.
    he could not want to seem attached to someone because he hasn't told other's that he is in a relationship.

  • That must be what every girl wants to hear I love you but I can't stand being seen in public with you


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  • Maybe he wants a more private relationship. Do you think that he could be shy about things like that?

  • Afraid of his friends critisizing? He needs to man up.