Ladies! List some things that are put-offs for you about guys?

-Shorter than you
-Does drugs
List anything really that would be a put-off from the guy you are dating or simply dislike in a guy in general. Just looking for a general idea of some of the put-offs for woman. Thanks.


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  • Not everyone's answers will be the same, but you should try to keep in mind the consistent one like the drugs, bad behavior, etc. Honestly I think guys worry too much about what women think are turn offs. Everyone is different, so results may vary. Guys should be concerned with being the best boyfriend and finding out the turn ons for a girl. If your turn ons are better than your turn offs then whoever you're after will be fine with that. No one is perfect


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  • shorter than me for sure and I know that for a lot of girls that's a put-off, cocky, whiney (to emotional), dose lots of drugs, has gage earings or bunch or pearcings, tattoos everywhere some are okay though, crazy hair, no muscel, lots of acne low hygein. that's all I can think of

  • -inconsistency
    -definitely smoking and drugs too.
    -lack of ambition
    -bad at communicating
    - lack of taking initiative

    this is all i can think of for now

  • -does drugs
    -too clingy
    -a drunk ( Like every single day)
    -is too arrogant
    -spiky hair (like with too much gel)
    -not patient with me (I am shy and inexperienced lol)
    -shorter than me
    -a jerk
    -lack of ambition
    -picks on what I choose or do or criticize how my body/face looks

  • I really hate it when guys prey on the insecurities of girls. I know it's often just teasing, but naming things you know will make a girl insecure (like "you're fat" or "you've got a pimple") seems really mean to me.

  • Lets see. . . grossly overweight, bashes/makes fun of things that are important to me, poor hygiene, gaming consumes most of his conversation, does drugs, is a know-it-all, cares about no one but himself, disrespects women, is racist, feels entitled to female attention, oh and only likes girls that look anorexic.


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  • You know, scar-face was all of the above and that didn't stop him from being a legend.