Has anyone ever been into open relationship? If Yes, how did it go?

Please share your stories if your answer is yes!

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  • I haven't personally, but I've studied the subject a lot.

    Frankly, I find it incompatible with our current social structure:

    -Adults "own" kids in our society. This responsibility makes paternity certainty fairly important. (Though modern genetics helps with that)

    -We are a fairly sex-scarce society. Partially in terms of amount, yes, but also in terms of how hard it is to establish a sexual relationship, at least as a guy. When something is scarce, we tend to be possessive of it. In this case, imagine one of you continues to have sex with other people. Then you come home to your husband/wife and you're never in the mood. Perhaps they can't just go out and "HAVE SEX" like you can. The one person they had a chance to have sex with is never in the mood because they are sleeping with everyone else.

    There IS a way in which multiple sex partners works, and that's multiple-partner relationships.

    Imagine, for instance, you and a girl friend of yours live with two guys. All four of you are in a relationship. With a 1-1 relationship, the two of you won't always be interested at the same time. Your libidos won't always be in sync or as strong. But with multiple partners, if you aren't in sync with one person, you might be in sync with the other. This works better the more partners you have.

    This isn't some BS weird fantasy I came up with off the top of my head. This is the social structure of bonobos, or "pygmy chimps", that is partially responsible for their peaceful nature. And this is also the sexual layout of hunter-gather tribes, which was 95% of human history. (200,000 years of modern humans. We were hunter gatherers up until about 10,000 years ago.)


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  • Wish I had, but if I ever do, it's going to be a slow process where we don't sleep with others until they're tested, or with protection. And I'll be around in case the guy's not being fair to my lady.

  • Not good, open relationship doesn't work in reality.

    One will have more success than the other, or give cause for jalucy at some point. Human being can't handle it with someone you love, however, it's ok if you don't love the person and it's only a open sexsual relationship.

    But once emotions comes into play...

  • If you want to have this with a life partner. Then no, an open relationship will not work. If you just love the individual, but not truly in love, but love spending time together. Then perhaps it can work.

  • It was great!! But eventually one person usually ends up falling for the other n things fall apart. It's best to set ground rules before u enter

    • tell me more, what you mean by 'rules'

    • Well all sorts of rules, sometimes one person gets jealous, or whenever sex is involved its good to know if the other person is sleeping with other people. It's a health concern. What's ok in bed what's not. Sometimes it's open from one side n not the other. Whatever works for u guys. But from my experience it never stays open lol on e feelings get involved things change.

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  • I agree with the guy below me.. it never lasts. I was in one.. and I caught strong feels... and he was more focused on who else can he get.. I expressed these feeling towards him and well.. needless to say. That was the end of that. It worked out well for me because he wasn't what I wanted, or needed.. setting boundaries is good. But from what I know; personal experience, articles, friends etc.. they are always broken, and ends badly. To me, an open relationship, is like being "kiks" all the perks but no titles or strings attached. Not my thing, but do whats best for you, good luck!