How can I tell if a girl is attracted to me?

I am a teen guy and I would like to know how to tell if a girl is attracted to me or not.


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  • every girl is different but if she acts different towards you than others then she likes you. For example if she smiles a lot to everyone, obviously it's not a sign she likes you. But if she doesn't smile alot, and smiles a lot at you, yeah.

    Personally, i tease guys, mess around with their hair.

    If she looks at you alot, if she talks to you more than other guys, asks you a lot of questions to get the conversatio flowing, anything she does that she doesn't do to other guys is most likely a sign she likes you.

    But just ask her, or tell her you like her, it's really attractive when guys are just straight forward and honest.


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  • If a girl likes you she will find every opportunity to look at you. If you catch her staring she will smile at you or look away and blush, or both :) xx

  • She'll find a reason to talk to you, hang out with you, or be around you. She'll smile a lot and be engaged in the conversation.

  • If she looks at you a lot


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