A hint for more, or just a joke?

Have been seeing a girl for 8 wks and have gone out with her 10 times. I have hooked up with her and we are affectionate, hold hands, etc. Went to dinner and she tells me she spoke to a table next to us after I got up to return a work phone call. She jokingly mentioned, "yeah, I told them you were my boyfriend." Told her briefly about the call but I didn't say anything about her comment and she started talking about something else. Was this a hint/nudge to maybe make things "official" as we haven't spoken about what's going on?

Any other girls want to chime in?


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  • Dude, 2 months is quite a good time for things to settle, especially since you're under 25. If you feel the chemistry is good, if you feel your personalities are compatible, if you have fun together, if you think this is the person you can communicate with, then by all means, make this official. I think that was a hint of course. She wouldn't be freaked out if she was already dropping those hints. And as someone else said here, if you take too long to make a step, she'll think you don't want to take this serious and she'll get bored and possibly move on, so don't wait until that happens.

    • Got it; I was gonna wait until 3mos. but now I'll bring it up next time I see her

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  • I told people my fiancĂ© was my boyfriend because it was easier to explain things in the beginning of our relationship. We never really went on dates but were were going out for 4 months when people just started referring to us as girlfriend and boyfriend so we just went along with it. We never made a big deal about titles till he proposed.

  • That was a serious hint... Ask her to be your girlfriend

  • Make sure she knows what you think girls don't usually say your my boyfriend! They will drop hints and stuff. Once it's final you have a new feeling of trust and safety. You hooked up you should be dating.

    • You don't think I'll scare her off if I make it final since it's only been 2 months?

    • Disclaimer to be clear: we don't talk/text everyday, but whenever we meet up and go out we always have a good time and don't run out of things to say

  • Sounds like you need to "define the relationship" Hell, ask her to be your girlfriend. She's going to get bored if things don't go somewhere.


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  • maybe she's just trying to pass off the hint that she wants you to initiate the next step into being an actual couple.

    • I definitely want to make it official, but I'm afraid of scaring her off since it's only been approximately 2 months. Should I wait till she brings it up directly instead of hinting?

    • mmm maybe you can kinda hint back sort of. toss it around just for a little bit and then if you can feel a certain vibe then go with your gut.