Should I ask him why he loves me?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 9 months and he tells me he loves me all the time. But he has never told me why. He's more of the type to show his feelings through actions not words so that's probably why. But I wanna know why. Should I ask him why he loves me?


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  • This happens because you really love him a lot and plan to develop a long lasting relationship with him. When a guy really falls in love with you, he will always wants give you surprises. From time to time, he will plan something nice and romantic with you. For example, he will bring you out for a nice and romantic candlelight dinner at a restaurant. After the dinner, he will plan something nice with you such as night walk or a movie date. Besides that, he would love to buy special gift for you to make you happy although there is no special occasion coming soon. All he wants is to prove that he cares about you. Don’t ever compare the price of the gift but think of the effort in pleasing you. Not all guys are good in giving surprises. This indicates that you are someone special for him; someone he thinks of most of the time.


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  • No because mb he will not know why u love ;/

  • you dont need to ask that just accept it


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