Is she worth my time or I must let go?

We have been chatting (texting) for a month and last week she asked me to join me at her church on Sunday but on friday, i tried to call her but she didn't answer and i call only once. She didn't call me back and her whatsapp was off (maybe she blocked me) this whole weekend, my guess is that she didn't want me to go with or whatever the case might be but i hard so much interest in her but now i lost it. I didn't bother to text/call her until yesterday she texted me but i took 6hrs to respond to her, she said her whatsapp will be offline for a while (she thought i will ask why and care) and she miss chatting to me and she wanted to know how im doing, my reply was "i have been good, oh ok.. will give you a call sometime (which i didnt)" .. then she is being nice and saying sweet stuff she never said which i can tell its fake, im taking hours to reply to her and im replying in shortcuts like when she said "i miss you though" my reply was "oh cool, im around though".. she posted on her Twitter things like "when you miss someone" which i know its directed to me... i had so much interest on er which i dont have anymore but there is something she can do to earn it back but otherwise i dont care anymore.. Do you think she is someone to spend time or something i must throw away?


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  • This has worked for me personally its super direct and gives you a definite answer however what ever her answer is you're going to have to deal with it this will save you loads of time just ask her "Do i even have a chance with you or should i just give up?" with that she'll tell you how she really feels about your relationship/friendship and if she's willing to get serious about it

    • cool bro, thats an honest idea.. thanks loads... i think i must do that at a certain point.

    • np man good luck


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  • Oh hmm maybe she confused too if don't have interest anymore should stay away


    If you feel it's too much drama then you gotta let it goooo


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