Have you ever gotten into a relationship because you wanted to fill a void?

After getting denied by someone or after a break up did you get into a relationship quickly after? How long did it last? What happened


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  • Rebounds happen quite often for the majority of people. That said, it is never a good idea to settle as it rarely works, will only harm the person you are literally using for your own goals, & will not do anything but cause you to miss the person you want even more.


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  • No. I often witnessed this in some of my friends, and I always new these relationships won't last, or at least won't make them happy.

    • How long did they last for?
      I agree.

    • Some lasted only a couple of weeks. One lasted very long actually, but they were anything but happy in their relationship.

  • A bit over a month. Just thought why not try out but was not very compatible