What does it mean when someone looks at you like this?

I've noticed it when talking to girls mostly and making eye contact. That their eyes are rapidly shifting back and forth during eye contact, like between both eyes very quickly flicking then back and forth. What is this?


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  • Some people naturally do that because they can't focus on both eyes with one stare I find it extremely irritating


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  • They're trying to make contact with both eyes. A lot of people do this. I see it a lot in movies and its very distracting.

    • I notice girls do it not so much guys. I'll be talking to a girl and her eyes are just yoyo back and forth like a Ping pong ball indont know if it meant something?

    • No hahaha it doesn't mean anything. I wouldn't mean more if she didn't make any eye contact and got shy. Girls are usually more enthusiastic about conversations than guys are, when their eyes shift theyre also trying to keep up with you or theyre really into what you're saying.

  • A lot of people do it. They can't focus on both eyes without looking cross eyed, so they flicker back and forth. However sometimes it can mean that they are listening very intensly and want to know more.


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