Why are there many attractive GIrls, will they end up alone since there's not enough attractive Guys?

Women don't want to admit it but they want attractive guys just like guys want attractive girls.

Thing is, there's many guys like me who are nerd, antisocial, or disabled mentally, not physically attractive too.

So, if all those attractive girls want outgoing, playboyish, or smart outgoing and successful social guys, they have limited amount to choose from: Guys that go to clubs, Guys in Universities, Social guys, Guys with high pay careers.

Anyways, what i'm saying is attractive people want attractive or successful people as mates, and most people are not attractive nor successful, most people are average or below. So, what do those attractive people ( in this case i'm talking about women) do? They just end up single forever?

Ps I'm disabled mentally myself so I'm just thinking about these things cause i feel nobody will ever love me


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  • I genuinely believe that any just average looking man, even one that is kind of ugly can get any mature woman if they are good to them. I really do but it takes a mature woman who has probably had several experiences with good-looking men who just run over her. I heard once you get older, the physical looks don't matter as much and I am starting to feel that way towards men even if I am 18. I tend to have better conversations with significantly older men than men my age or in their 20s. Doesn't mean I'm going to date a significantly older man than me but I have to admit that most of the ones I talk to are good to women or their wives which makes them more attractive than a male Abercrombie model who thinks little Wayne makes the best music. I am sorry I got off topic but your quote has some truth in it but just because you're attractive doesn't necessarily mean that you would end up alone. I do believe that in a lot of cases, attractive looking women might end up alone because I assume that they have higher standards than the average looking woman and the older you get, the less physically attractive you are thus making it harder to find someone along with your high standards.

    • Any attractive mature woman*

    • Thanks a lot it makes a lot of sense. I've seen this alot. Especially nowadays that i ride the bus and i'm surrounded by Attractive girls and they have no interest in me. I also go to a disabled center and the attractive women don't like me at all.


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  • some men are more attractive than others true, but i noticed any guy over a 7, maximum 8 at societies standards is ugly to me, he usually burdens the character flaws of overly confident, full of himself a man whore. and in a lot of cases he knows he's hot and has chosen a less academic and successful career path, and enjoys partying and chilling with the boys. so while he desires to stay in he's teen lifestyle where he has it the best he loses in life.

    i personally am attracted to guys who are driven and success is very attractive, only because it shows great commitment in character and life is very expensive and hard. I am in engineering technology program myself so i want a man with a decent job so he can contribute to the team.

    • Thanks for your comment. WHich is what i'm saying. Most normal women want a sucessful man with a decent job. So people like me are at the bottom of the list and women don't even consider us.

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    • to Opinion Owner. I told you i'm mentally disabled. Can't talk and almost can't walk or move. I will get a bagger job or something but women think that's not enough. That's not good enough for them.

    • but what is good enough for you?, maybe date someone like you, someone you can relate to who has similar life perspective.

  • I've often been told that Im beautiful but I've always been interested in the shy nerdy guys who might not be the most good looking, but they are really cool.

    However not even one of these guys have wanted me, Im quite nerdy sometimes too so I dont know. I hint them and flirt but they just go back to playing video games. I think I need to change my type

  • They get really old and haggard and harass young guys in their 20s to be their penpals on the internet. It's the best they can do... I hear the Japanese spinsters do this alot.

  • There's an ass for every chair they say lol


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  • no everyone finds a person they end up liking. its not so black and white like you describe it to be and I've seen from experience.

  • They pass around the hot guys

  • Your perspective is messed up. Hot girls don't always like hot guys, and for every hot guy there's a hot girl. You probably just don't recognize "attractive" guys because you aren't gay. If you chill with a girl, you would be surprised at men they find hot and ugly.

    • Thanks but from my life experience , not a single, not one Woman has ever liked me. Not a hot girl, not an average girl, nothing. They all flock to the guys i described above because those guys are social and good talkers. So i don't know what to think. It's depressing.

    • No girls have ever liked me either, at least from what I know. But you just have to try harder.