DA: The good, the bad, the any?

D. a stands for dating advice. Hello, im 14 and im wondering if any of you would mind helping me with dating. Can you give me advice on how to attract the girl of my dreams? Or help me out for when I go on dates. This will be a series of questions as I go on. Tell me what kind of girl I should look out for, and what kind I should stay away from. Also, what do you think would be a perfect first date. Guys, share your experiences on how you guys get a date. I really want to hear what you guys have to say!


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  • You know just go with the flow I'm 14 and been on a couple of dates but don't hangout with people you wouldn't want your mom or dad to meet


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  • since you're 14 don't even try to get the girl of your dreams. the best advice I can give you right now is just practice practice practice and get experienced for when you're in college. so if you see a girl you like or are interested in then just go for it. start a conversation and flirt with her and then ask her out and get her number. be confident, if you're not confident then practice confidence. doing this early will help a great deal when you're out of high school.