What are the possible signs that your friend is in to you?

he's my childhood friend (we are family friends as well) , we used to spend most of our time together playing n goofing around when we were little.. then my family shifted to another town n we were totally out of contact for nearly 3-4 years (teenage years) . back in contact after we shifted back.. met few times , we are in contact now , mostly through chats and messages , we are mostly updated about major stuff going on in our lives but not the teeny tiny details that best Friends share , at times he says double meaning stuff... once out of nowhere he said smthng to me like certian skill of mine will help me later when i'll get married.. once i told it would b great if my future hubby likes to eat rice & in return he said he loves rice , another time during our chat he told me he was having a walk and asked me to join him , a few days back hime came to drop off some papers n asked me to check out his motorbike as wel..., we are good friends know many things about each other but when he say things like this i get confused regarding what is really going on :/


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  • Is he a heterosexual male? Are you attractive? Then he's into you.

    • he once asked me to help him find a girl and later told he was just kidding. n yes i am kindaa attractive.. most of my friends say so

    • He at least wants to try to bang you.

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  • If he doesn't show it in any obvious way... forget it. Isn't worth getting into something with someone who can't be bothered to get out of his comfort zone for you.