What if a ask you to do a spiritual marriage, and see how it goes. Also, it doesn't involve getting a marriage license and all?

That means you guys are married in front of God but your country may not recognize it, you can't claim alimony, and you guys can end it at any time. It allows both partners to be faithful/committed to each other and if doesn't work out, then it doesn't. What do you think? ( No hate intend)


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  • Well I'm not religious but I always wanted a non legal marriage, like I still want a wedding and everything and the rings and all the joys of being married but without having to be legally tied to the guy. I like the thought that either party can leave at any point because then the person isn't just staying with you because they don't want to go through a divorce.

    • Exactly, I've been divorce twice and I know what are you talking about. Trust me it takes more then couple of tries to find the right one. I am glad you like the idea. lol


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  • That's not a real marriage - that's fornication. A real marriage comes with a license, legal implications, joint bank accounts, joint living space, public witnesses, a costly marriage ceremony, a vow never to break up no matter how bad things get unless one abuses the other or the children of the marriage, and it also comes with a very expensive engagement ring. I would never buy what you are trying to sell.

    • No one is selling any thing. The real marriage is bond, isn't it? No religion dictates that you should sign your death warrant by sharing your bank account, joint living space and costly marriage, and one year income in alimony. What women loosing in this nothing. Stake of men are way too high. Show me a scripture that said you just suggested. You won't find it! Only gold diggers who are looking for a show not a bond would not sign up for this. (not calling you a gold digger)
      But I still respect your feeling/opinion.

  • It depends. Some religions marriages are ok for the religion but not for the law of that country. So technically they are married, but it's like a common law marriage, not a legal marriage.


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  • What are describing is no different than being married. The lawsuits of ending a relationship where you aren't married is about the same as getting married. Even if you are not married, she can sue the guy for palimony, which is the same thing as alimony except that you don't need to be married for her to get it. The only difference is you would be taxed as a lower rate, if you aren't married. This is why marriage has no meaning in today's world.