I trust my girlfriend 100% with all my heart, I don't trust guys. It is damaging the relationship. What do I do?

We're 1000 miles apart.. we're both used to the distance because of the military.

Well I guess it's the fact that I'm not ok with her letting some guys repeatedly hit on her..


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  • If you trust her I don't see why it matters if you trust other guys.

  • if you still worry, it means you dont trust her really. guys will hits on girls. thats how it is, its up to her to reject them.
    and if you're worried about her actually getting abused, I suggest tell her kick those guys out and maybe move so thwy can't find her.


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  • If you trust her it doesn't matter if you trust guys. I assume by distrusting guys you mean they might make a move on her. But if you trust her 100% that shouldn't matter.

    It won't damage the relationship unless you let it. If you let it get to the point of suspicion and that shows, then it can harm the relationship. She will take that as not trusting her.

  • If you trust her 100% then you don't need to trust the guys. Some jealousy is healthy. You don't need 100% trust. To much trust is a good way to get hurt. If you are long distance how is this an issue? I mean how are you finding out that guys are hitting on her? Is she telling you about it? If so tell her not to talk to you about other guys. She should understand since it is unlikely she would like to hear you talk about girls hitting on other girls, or hanging out with them.