He treats me like a girlfriend but says he doesn't want any relationship... what's with him?

So I went out with this guy who I kinda hooked up with before and whom I just knew. We texted a bit and he expressed quite clearly he doesn't want any relationships but would love to hang out. So we went to a movie together, it's a 3D movie but he would take off my 3D glasses, wraps his hand around me and tell me I look beautiful. He'd also kiss me on the forehead ( which is pretty sweet, yes) but he won't hold hands with me in public but he keeps asking what I like, what do I do in daily life etc which is very heartwarming and he teases me sometimes too and ask for a goodnight kiss in the public for a compensation of me being late. I don't know man, hookups are supposed to be purely satisfying physical needs right, why is he treating me like a high school sweetheart? Not that I'm complaining but I'm curious if he treats me like his gf why can't he just call me his gf and not keep it that secret and private? Esp when he won't even add me on fb ( dun know if he doesn't on fb or what)


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  • He is playing you. He is just showing interest to get sex out of you and not a full blown relationhip. That is the dead given truth.

    He wooes you, and then doesn't want to fulfill any of your needs, aka having a relationship. Now if you just want sex from him, this works, but clearly you want more. So the question really is, how much longer are you going to allow this to go on?

    I think the answers pretty clear to you, you just don't wanna accept it. Your a fling for the time being until he finds someone that he can actually give and wanna give his heart too. And he sounds damaged, aka not being publicly affectionate and stuff makes it seems like he's hurting from something in the past, and is just using you to get over it.

    You know what you have to do. Its upto you to do it.


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  • Just because you like someone and enjoy their company and affection doesn't mean they want a relationship. A relationship is a responsibility and its something you have to take care of and maintain. He likes you, he doesn't want to deal with a relationship.

  • Well some guys who are hooking up with girls like to treat them right, he might not want a relationship with you and that is why he told you that, but he also might want you to know he isn't just using you and that he thinks you are an awesome person.

    I had a guy do this before - we were 'just friends' who had sex all the time and yet we hang out and do relationship type stuff all the time. He did it so I wouldn't ever feel used by him, or like I was worth less just because he didn't want to be in a relationship with me.