Can you tell me your experience that you had with a girl or a boy that you like?

For example: tell me what happen or a story


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  • Over this last summer I studied abroad in Sicily. One night I was drinking at my friends when I met this girl named Gabby. Now Gabby was one of three girls in my life who had stopped me dead in my tracks. She was beautiful and just seemed to have this personality that left me speechless. With the other two girls I had been a coward and hadn't done anything but then I just had this recurring thought that all I needed was 15 seconds of insane courage (Matt Damon says it in We Bought a Zoo). So I talked to her and had a great conversation with her. The next night I was at the same friends place and the same girl was there. We talked all night before I started to walk her home. While walking her home we started drunk swing dancing in the road, and it was awesome. As a car was coming I picked her up and moved her out of the way, and that was when we first kissed each other. Then we decided to go to the beach and make out for a little bit. After this we went back to her place. The next few days were still great, we would meet up for either gelato or coffee, went on a walk, but then she started getting distant. I tried talking to her a week later to find out what was going on and told her I would like the chance to get to know her. She turned around and walked away in the middle of me talking. A week after this I was away on a trip to some volcanic islands and when I came back found out that she had slept with my TA (who knew how I felt about her). It was at this point that I realized she just wanted a fling without those feelings and it was my development of them that drove her off.


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  • Just that I like? It was with this guy who was my 1st crush and we both were sigal after some relationships. And we finally were able to chill and be friends so we been talking and chilled two times already. But I get a call from him and he outside my place wanting to see if I come for a ride to pick up cookies I said sure and be down soon. But I rushed hurry up got ready since I was in my pjs. Lol we talk got the cookies but then he was dropping me back and I wanted to chil so he said we will later or if not a diff day he wanted to go to the gym. But then he text me and said imma make it a fast work out and he did got me an hr or so later went to his place for the 1st time met his parent even tho I knew his sister and met his mom when I was lil. She remembered me he showed me around watch movies and talk it was late it ended up being like 2am he ask if Ill sleep over or if I can't hell take me home soon but we both were hungry went to mcdaolds ate at like 3am lol I decided I didn't want the night to end so I slept over his home we pop in a movie but I ended up talkng to him tho it And I just enjoyed his company so much he let me borrow cloths to sleep in. And well i slept in his room on a blow up matters even tho he did offer his bed. But I got so cold it was still chilly so we slept together and talk and I ended up kissing him and we just well kissed most the night but then after some time I stop it since I couldnt tell what he wanted if it was sex or just was in the moment etc. I ended up after that night falling for him. Even tho we both admitted we use to like each other but I couldnt stop how I felt and later on the next month confess tho text but he ended up ignoring me. I guess he didn't feel the same way and haven't talk to him since. But I loved it even if it was one sided.