If a guy forgets a date and then apologizes what should I do?

A guy friend was supposed to come over and watch a movie with me and we texted earlier in the day but he never mentioned if he was still going to come over. So I waited and waited and then i finally sent him a text and said maybe another nite. He then told me he forgot and apologized.


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  • Ball is in his court. He has to set up the next potential get together, and it's up to you to decide if you still want to participate.


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  • I suppose you know what a mother and/or father does to his/her child when that child misbehaves? Punishment by spanking.

    You should remind your guy friend that you will give him a hard, merciless spanking whenever he forgets to come over again. That will scare him and reduce the chance that he will forget such a thing again. If he forgets to come over again; give him spanking.

    It's simple as that.


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  • He just not that into you.

    • It's way too early to make this kind of conclusions. Forgetting something doesn't mean much. We all forget things. It's natural.

      Once I went to a party of my elder cousin, I forgot to put on my shoes. I came and left without shoes. When I came, I had only my socks on. Luckily, nobody noticed this until I left. Then I just said: "Yeah, I forgot my shoes". Then my dad said in a very serious tone: "That can happen". But, when we left, my dad had to laugh. I joined his laughter, because I found this funny as well.