How can I break up with my boyfriend?

He is really really in love with me but he's 19 and I'm 16 I loved him too and today is our 4 month anniversary and we made a promise to love each other forever
But i am to young for a commitment like that...
So I wanna tell him it's over and not hurt his feeings the last time me and him got ina fight he cried and that hurt me I wanna leave the relationship as friends


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  • You don't need to break up with him, all you need to do is tell him how you feel about the 3 year age difference. It's the right thing to do because I do feel like 19 and 16, is wrong. But you don't need to break up with him. Just talk to him about how you feel. If he's in agreement, there won't be any hard feelings because it will be mutual.

    Just say: "do you think our age difference is OK? I'm starting to think it's not". That's all you need to say. Then let him go, and you talk about it. The number one failure of relationships? Communication


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  • I had a relationship with a 16 year old girl and that time I was 20 years old! And yeah it feels very wrong. You know one of you ain't mature enough to get into serious relationship. I think your bf is taking it so serious.


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  • Tell him straight out. If you believe that your boyfriend wants that kind of commitment right now tell him and or let him know that both of you can have respectable love for each other as friends but not as a couple because BOTH of you are still really young and What if the one that is ment for him and the one ment for you goes right past you.
    He might say "but your ment for me" Let him know you guys are to young to know that. And that's why you guys can part as friends,
    But don't call him every second of the day or ask him if he wants to watch a movie or anything like that because then you will be messing with his head.

  • Just tell him that exactly.
    I am too young for a commitment and I want no hard feelings