If a girl says she can't make it?

I recently asked a girl if she would like to join me at a local event that was taking place. Her exact reply was " I can't make it this weekend, Sorry :( ". It turned out that was the truth and she was actually busy as it was a date she always spends with family without fail.

Any pint in asking again? Many people said if a girl likes a guy she will always make time for him. We are freinds anyway.


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  • Ask again, it won't hurt. If she puts you off, then she's playing games.


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  • You're too quick to judge the situation, she was busy, its not like you two have been dating for a long time, family will still come first. Don't give up because of one time that it didn't work out, if you wanna get to know this girl you have to keep at it.

    The whole "a girl likes a guy she will always make time for him" thing applies more to couples that heave been together for a while.

    Keep trying buddy, i'm sure things will work themselves out.

  • If a girl is interested she would have suggested another day to go out.