Will any girl ever be interested in a guy like me?

Will a girl ever be interested in me? Every girl whose ever liked me I've never liked back and no girl I like has ever liked me back. I'm 17. I'm a gamer. I love video games and play them with my friends a lot. I'm a nerd, I get good grades, I love reading, intelligent, ditzy when nervous lol. I don't play sports, never have. I'm not buff, I don't have big abs or arms. I'm very tall (6'5), pale, short dark brown hair. I'm a 'nice' guy and I feel like I'll never find someone who's meant for me.

Girls do poll below, and no this isn't like a dating thing unless you want it to be lol

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Any girls who are interested (dating wise specifically in me) feel free to message me


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  • Sure I love video games and I'm really artistic I love to be active I always play video games with friends I have always gotten a and bs as grades on a math geek basically u would say I love to play piano and other instruments I somewhat like reading it has to be a really good book u seem like a really cool guy I'm interested but I'm a Georgia gal about to be a Cali girl

    • You seem awesome too! I live in Ohio. If you truly have interest in me then feel free to send me a message


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  • You had me at 6'5 lol... but really unless your tryna score with some valley girl chick, then your future is bright..

  • Yes. Give me that!

  • I know how you feel, honestly it sucks! But you just haven't found the right person yet! Believe me you'll find someone good luck! x

  • You definitely seem like a guy I'd like.

  • Sounds like my type of guy.. lol...

    • how exactly would you describe your dream guy if different from my description of myself

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    • well that changes everything lol. If you really are interested than feel free to send me a message! so we dont have to talk in the comments

    • Basically don't date this answerer

What Guys Said 1

  • Well clearly yes, since you just said that girls have liked you, but you just haven't liked them back. And you're 6'5! A lot of girls love tall guys!

    If it makes you feel better, I'm probably a lot like you but I'm 5'6''. Girls never pay attention to me lol.