There is some attraction but were lacking any sort of a connection?

so I meet this girl who is a server at a local restaurant , I've sort of came to conclusion there is some interest from each of us but were lacking a connection. I came to that conclusion as I had 2 really good chances to talk to her and each time things didn't materialise but I still catch her looking at her and she seems interested.

the 2 chances , one happened at bar we each were at and I introduced myself to her and she was with a gf I already know but we didn't really connect but she seemed happy I wanted to meet her . I also saw her one night at outdoor bar she was working at and we had a great chance to talk but nothing really happened either yet I was still attracted to her I just had a hard time knowing what to talk to her about.

I don't know if I should just accept the fact there is no connection here and no reason to even try dating her even though I'm physically attracted to her , she is very good looking but I don't think her looks be reason enough to date her if there is no deeper feelings


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  • Try to find something that both of you can relate to. :)


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  • Dude connections just dont drop out of the sky those were your chances to talk to her and you didn't take any action you won't find any connection unless you work for it you could have told her gf to give you two minutes to chat her up and get her number than set up a date over text next time you see her and she's not working just talk to her

    • the thing is at bar the other girl sort of got annoyed or jealous when I tried to talk to her friend , it surprised me as she already has a bf but she seemed caught off guard that I wanted to talk to friend that night

    • well there's still time you can still just talk to her man

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